• Nicole Drach

Congratulations State Placers!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS PLACERS!! We have THREE Mavericks that earned their way onto the championship podium!

Girls Wrestling

Maddie Konopka--2nd Place

Cora Johnson-Woessner--6th Place

Boys Wrestling

Joe Curtis--6th Place

Thank you to the parents that were able to show up and cheer on our wrestlers! The State Championships in Bakersfield are quite an event…a spectacle every wrestling family should see! And a huge thank you to our coaches…Buth, Ramirez, Hansen, Perez, Randall, Dixson…these guys are the BEST, and go all out for our sons and daughters!  Thank you Coaches, we are grateful for your skill and dedication!

Joe Curtis - 6th Place

Maddie Konopka - 2nd Place

Cora Johnson-Woessner - 6th Place


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